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Thomas Wisniewski

Contact Information

42 Morris Drive

Belleville, ON, Canada

K8P 5B4


Tanrei Software

Web Developer

I am a professional web developer specializing in developing modern standards-compliant and cross-platform web applications. My expertise is spread in all aspects of web programming, following industrial best practices for both front- and back-end development. I have over 12 years of experience working on a wide variety of applications for both startups and established firms, whether they use current popular frameworks or custom ones developed from plain Javascript, Python, PHP and other languages.

My practical focus on quality has proved invaluable at my previous employers, where I have been responsible for all aspects of implementation from low-level library development to high-level integration of third-party products and system administration. I have broad experience in refactoring old web applications into modern cross-platform ones, as well as more refined experience creating modern applications from scratch.

I thrive in the presence of technical challenges, and take a no-nonsense approach to solving problems that includes everything from requirements and specification analysis to low-level implementation of anything from web pages to mobile applications. My approach and experience allow me to implement well-behaved functional systems that are both forward-looking and maintainable for new and experienced coders alike.

Professional Experience

Technical Experience

(X)HTML and related technologies: 10 years

Client-side web programming: 10 years

Server-side web programming: 12 years

Systems programming: 2+ years

Server maintenance: 5+ years

Project management: 5+ years

SEO, CRM and sales: 1.5 years


My formal education came in two doses, one at the wonderful small-town college of Loyalist in Belleville Ontario where I regained my love of systems analysis and design and found my calling as a web programmer, followed by earning a B.Sc. in Computer Science at Trent University where I focused on algorithms and data structures while keeping up with modern web development practices.